The £10 a day challenge

My partner, Charlie, and I try to live sustainably for the planet and for our wallet, but always struggle to stay within budget without filling our shopping cart with plastic. We have just moved to Brighton, and are still getting to know the city. Not entirely sure where to buy what, for what price, where to get fresh produce that doesn’t break the bank, and not buying everything wrapped in 5 layers of plastic from ASDA.

Waking up on the first day of 2019 with a mostly empty pantry (and an even emptier bank account) felt like the time to make a change.

Charlie has challenged me to feed us on £10 a day (£70/week). This sounded pretty doable to me at first, but thinking about it more realistically, I am a bit worried.

Charlie and I are plant-based, I am gluten-intolerant, and he is a type I diabetic (we’re not invited to many dinner parties) so it can be complicated to grocery shop, especially on a budget.

It has also become really important to us to live more sustainably and reduce our waste production. In Brighton, the only plastics that can be recycled are plastic bottles. Meaning that all soft plastics (like the unnecessary plastic wrapping on fresh produce) end up in our regular trash bin.

I am staying positive and hoping that with enough planning, it will be possible to feed ourselves healthy, filling, low-plastic, plant-based meals on £10 a day, and still enjoy every meal!