With a focus on sustainability, this blog is where I post my real meals and practices every day. My meals aren’t always pretty or especially photogenic, but they are (almost) always nutrient-dense, budget-friendly, and plastic-free. We try to eat as much fresh, organic, and local produce as possible (but on a budget, it’s tough!).

I hope to show that it’s very possible to live plant-based on a budget, without creating a ton of plastic waste. For ages, I thought that because I am vegan, I am doing my part for the environment, but recently I realized how much more I could be doing. For me, being vegan on a budget meant many things I was buying was in plastic packaging. Everything from fake meats, tofu, cheeses, grains, vegetables, fruits, supplements, powders… The list goes on and on. It is great how much the vegan market has grown and I am so thrilled every day to see new products on the shelves in my grocers. However, I am now trying to fill my plate with more whole foods and less of the processed vegan products.

I find a whole-food plant-based plastic-free diet is better for your body, better for your budget, and better for the planet.



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