Day 7: Lessons learned

Brekkie: I started today off with my usual mug of matcha, alongside a warming bowl of porridge with almond milk, crunchy peanut butter, ground chia, and mashed banana. I topped it today with some quick stewed cinnamon vanilla apples. Such an easy topping to make a simple brekkie a bit more exciting.img_9405

After brekkie we went into town to enjoy some sun and get a few bits. We walked to Infinity and grabbed a loaf of gluten-free bread for £2,85. We also stopped by Hisbe, which is quickly becoming my favourite grocer (although a bit far from our flat). I took along my ninja bullet container so we could take home some GF oats from their bulk section because we were running low. for nearly 400g it only cost £1,37 which is almost half what we usually pay.


Lunch: I used yesterday’s leftover cumin chilli chickpeas to top my avo toast (the half avo was also leftover from yesterday’s lunch) and wilted some cavolo nero I had in the fridge to put on the side. I squeezed lemon over the top and it was absolutely delish! You really can’t beat avo toast.



After, I headed back into town to do some clothes shopping for my new job. I ended up exhausted, and couldn’t be bothered to come up with an interesting recipe for dinner.

Dinner: I picked up some veggie sausages and roasted them alongside basically all the leftover veg I had in the house (roasted garlic, carrots, parsnips, turmeric cauliflower, cinnamon sweet potato, and sauteed onions, spinach, carrot greens, and parsley). It was not the most cohesive meal of all time, but it tasted good, was filling, and only cost the £1,50 for the pack of 6 sausages we shared.


Today’s total spend : £5,72

At the end of the 7 days, we spent a total of £105,27.

Which is pretty bad considering it was only the first week of this £10/day (£70/week) challenge. I wanted to be really honest about it so I even though I basically failed, I do think it’s important to share my experience! If we hadn’t gone out last night to celebrate my new job and had just had a simple meal at home, we would’ve been on budget 100%. That would have also included a couple treats (choccies, baked goods, special GF bread, a pricy smoothie…) so would have been a realistic week for us. I definitely don’t regret going out last night, it was a super yummy meal and I think it’s important to take time in a relationship to have a date night out together.

Moving forward, I know a bit better where to shop for what, especially in terms of plastic-free produce on a budget. I think in the future, doing a few bulk shops and meal prep will be beneficial, instead of trying to shop every day.

All the meals we cooked at home were on budget. So if we don’t have a big meal out, then it should be easy-peasy 🙂

I’m looking forward to trying again next week!


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