Day 6: Something to celebrate

I could barely sleep last night because I was so nervous about today’s interview. I woke up feeling anxious and tired but had to jump out of bed to get ready.

Brekkie: I made a big pot of coffee with almond milk for Charlie and me to share, and two big bowls of peanut butter banana porridge.

I had to dash to my interview which was across town, left the house with wet hair, realized I didn’t have any cash for the bus so had to find a cash machine, then found out the bus stop was closed due to construction, had to run up the road to the next stop, eventually got to the interview with seconds to spare looking like a sweaty mess. But it turns out that it didn’t matter because I got the job! It’s literally a dream position for me, and I can’t wait to get started.

I met up with Charlie for a celebratory coffee, then we picked up some groceries on our way home.


We spent £9,54 on groceries. This was a bit expensive because we needed some almond milk for the next few days, and the tahini will last us ages. I also had to buy the cavolo nero from our neighbourhood speciality grocer, because it is one of the few places I can find unpackaged organic vegetables. They are more expensive, but I think it is worth it.

Lunch: Charlie just wanted soup and a bread roll for lunch, but I craved a big nourish bowl. I had a bunch of veg I needed to use, so I roasted the sweet potato with cinnamon, alongside turmeric cauliflower and garlic parsnip on a tray in the oven. While that was roasting, I sauteed some chickpeas with tomato paste, chilli flakes, and cumin, and then wilted the cavolo nero. To make a dressing, I blended a spoonful of tahini with some lemon juice, garlic, and warm water. I also topped the bowl with avocado, the rest of a red cabbage I had in the fridge, parlsey, and a grated carrot.


These are my favourite types of meals because they are so simple and easy to prep for and you can use whatever vegetables you have on hand. I have leftovers of all the ingredients and roasted veg.

Dinner: Okay so we are totally cheating on the £10/day challenge today because Charlie took me out to dinner to celebrate my new job. We went to a plant-based pizza place we have been meaning to try, and tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity. We each only got one drink, Charlie a vegan red wine, and a virgin mojito for me (yum). We decided not to get any starters, partially to save money and partially because we always tend to over-do-it when we go out and leave feeling sick. We each got a pizza and after felt so full we didn’t have room for dessert.


We overspent today but It was such a happy day I really don’t mind. We will make up for it over the next couple grocery shops. It’s important to indulge every now and then, especially on special occasions, and not to feel guilty or remorseful afterwards.

Total spent today: £49,54 

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