Day 5: Lazy leftover Sunday

I had a pretty slow start to the day. Charlie got up before me and had a tea while I stayed in bed a bit longer. I find it so much harder in the winter to get out of bed in the morning! Even once I’m awake, I just want to stay in the warm snuggly comfort of our bed.

Once I finally got myself up, I made a matcha tea by blending matcha powder, reishi powder, cinnamon, a bit of maple syrup, and hot water for a few seconds. Then I add a dash of almond milk. Last year I stopped drinking coffee and switched to matcha lattes for about 6 months. I actually prefer them still, but they can be hard to find, super sweet, or expensive in cafes, so I really only drink them at home.

The ingredients I already had in my cupboard, but the powders last ages as you only need a tiny bit each time.

img_9324 2

Brekkie: Charlie makes us our usual porridge (cinnamon, almond milk, mashed banana, ground chia) with extra peanut butter today. Always feels like a treat and gives me enough energy to go to the gym with Charlie. We had all the ingredients we needed, but I average this meal costs us £1.20 each, including all everything. (This could be cheaper, but gluten-free oats are a bit more expensive, and we use organic peanut butter).

After the gym, Charlie and I each have shakes, Charlie has a protein one, I have a VitaGlow vegan beauty skin blend. This does come in plastic, but it is recyclable and I can reuse the container for other powders or flour in my pantry. I bought it at TkMaxx (no shame) before Christmas as a gift to myself, because it was £16 and is usually £34. Because it comes in plastic and isn’t a necessity, it is not something I will buy again. For the time being, I do enjoy drinking it (especially through my stainless steel straw).


Sunday’s are always good for a little bit of self-care, so I give myself a good dry-brush before my shower. Afterwards, I use my Pai skincare rosehip seed oil (the most expensive thing in my bathroom, but the only face oil that works for my sensitive skin) and my rose quartz gua sha tool to massage my face which stimulates blood flow and circulation, reduces puffiness, and relaxes tension. I used to use so many different scrubs, lotions, spin brushes, etc. on my face, but after struggling for months with really bad perioral dermatitis, I had to really simplify my skin-care routine. The products I do use now are a bit expensive, but they are high-quality, cruelty-free, and long-lasting. Skin-care is one area I will not compromise entirely on for budget.


Lunch: We have leftover spinach soup from yesterday and have it with some bread, so essentially a free meal (my favourite kind). I average it cost £2 for 4 servings of this soup.

Charlie and I spent the afternoon in town. It was pretty hard in the shops to not go crazy on January sales, but my wardrobe is an area that I’m really trying to be more conscious of. Fast-fashion textile waste is a massive issue and I don’t want to contribute to it anymore. I’m going to try to be buying as much second-hand as I can, and buy the rest from sustainable brands. I also realized that I don’t actually need that much in my closet if the pieces I do have are functional.

We end up in a vintage store/plant shop (basically heaven) and buy two monsteras for the house.


Dinner:  We have more than enough stew from last night for dinner. Which is perfect because a) we spent too much money on plants today to buy groceries; and b) we are too lazy to cook anything,


I’m pretty sure there is no way to make leftover bean stew look as good as it tastes, but this was a bowl of hearty, cosy, winter goodness. I topped both with parsley, and mine with raw red cabbage. I’m not sure what happened but in the past year, I went from literally never eating red cabbage, to snacking on it raw and topping all my meals with it. I like to always have one in my fridge, they are cheap, usually unpackaged, and last for weeks. I average this stew, cost us about £3,50 all together for 4 servings (which is really about 6-8 servings but my boyfriend and I are animals).

Because we ate what we already had in our kitchen, we didn’t have to spend anything on groceries today. Leftover days are great because you use up all the food you already have, saving money and reducing your food waste.

Afters: We cave, and buy a vegan dark chocolate orange bar £1.60. I have the biggest sweet tooth and it’s very hard for me to not have dessert. The chocolate is in recyclable paper packaging but does have an aluminium foil inside. Any way to recycle aluminium? Charlie thinks you can, but I haven’t found anywhere that takes it.

Today in total, we only spend £1.60 (the chocolate bar) on groceries. Since yesterday we spend £23,31, we are hoping to still stay under £70 by the end of the week.

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