Day 3: Vegan comfort food

Today I found out that Morrison’s has a soft-plastic recycling bin, for carry-bags, sandwich bags, etc. This is really great, even though I’m avoiding plastics in general, it’s nice to know that if I need frozen peas, or if we order something online that has plastic packaging, we don’t have to put it in our regular bin. Also, since we can’t compost at home (1 br leased flat), I signed onto the waitlist for my local community compost centre. I’m really hoping to get a spot soon because I hate seeing our waste-bin fill up with organic waste! Looking for other solutions if I can’t join my local compost centre..

Breakfast: Charlie ran out to pick us up some bananas for our brekkie, costing £0.43. Because I had hot yoga this morning, I just ate a banana with green tea and then went to class. Charlie had porridge with the works before going to the gym.

Snacks: After 90 minutes of hot yoga, I felt like I really deserved a treat while I waited for Charlie to finish at the gym. So I bought a smoothie from YouJuice, costing a whopping £5,55. This was an impulse buy, but I really really wanted it. I haven’t had a smoothie in months. It was delicious, packed with nutrients, served in a glass with a compostable paper straw, and I have no regrets.


Lunch: For lunch, I have the leftover stirfry from last night, and Charlie has the leftover chilli from the night before. Later, we have coffee and finish off the pumpkin pie together.

Dinner: Charlie decided to make dinner tonight, so we go to Morrison’s and grab a tin of baked beans, three potatoes, broccoli, and Morrison’s brand veggie sausages. They come in a recyclable paper box and only cost £1.50. We also grab bananas for tomorrow.


The groceries come to £3,87. On the way home, we pick up a small baguette for Charlie from the bakery (since he has cut out plastic-bagged sandwich bread), costing £0.59. 

Charlie makes one of our heartiest regular meals: baked beans, sausages, and mash. We usually have sweet potato mash, but because we still had some veg gravy in the pantry from the holidays, we opted for regular potatoes. (with steamed broccoli on the side to pretend like we are healthy vegans).


Look, there is no way to make beans and mash look nice in a photo, but it was super filling and yum, so whatever. Since moving back to the UK from Sydney, we have definitely been eating heartier. I think it’s due to the weather and the holidays, but also because transitions are stressful and we need some comfort food. Looking back on today, did I need to finish a pie in the afternoon and then have a massive plate of mashed potatoes and gravy and three sausages for dinner? Probably not. I am trying to incorporate more fresh greens into our diet, but really struggling to find leafy greens that aren’t in plastic bags. This has made super salads, green smoothies, and spinach based soups basically impossible to make at home. Tomorrow we will go to a market and try to solve this!

Today’s spend: £10,44. I did go slightly over today due to my smoothie splurge, but sometimes you have to reward yourself! We underspent yesterday, so I am happy with today’s total as we are still underspending for the week. Today was not a very photogenic or exciting day to write about, mostly because we didn’t think too much about food. Planning meals, grocery shopping, and cooking are really fun parts of life, but some days you just want to enjoy an afternoon together without discussing the dinner menu. Sometimes simple is best!


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