Day 2: Something sweet

I had an interview this morning so we both were up early. I had a green tea and porridge with the works (smashed banana, GF oats, cinnamon, ground chia mix, and almond milk) I bought the bananas and milk with my change last night, so this morning’s brekkie cost us £0

After the interview, I popped into Morrison’s for some things to put in a tofu stir-fry I am planning for tonight’s dinner. Maybe because it was only 9:30am, but they hadn’t seemed to restock many of the unpackaged veg, so I left with just mushrooms, a bulb of garlic, a knob of ginger, and a small butternut pumpkin (impulse buy since I have been promising Charlie an American pumpkin pie for ages). The total came to £1.89

I then had to stop by the street grocer for some carrots and bell pepper, since the ones at Morrisons were all plastic-wrapped. This came to £1.73 which if you ask me, is bloody ridiculous for 3 carrots and one pepper. This is really the problem with trying to reduce your plastic, it seems like everything wrapped in packaging is half the price of the loose counterpart. Anyway, because I already have broccoli, red cabbage, and tofu in my fridge and some tamari and rice in the pantry, all together dinner will only cost £3.62 today.




Lunch: Charlie and I are having leftover chilli, which for some reason is always better the second day. Currently regretting not buying another plantain, and fighting my urge to buy a bag of tortilla chips. Stevieyaaaay, my favourite zero-waste Instagram, sometimes gets tortilla chips in large paper bags from Mexican restaurants. I’m too awkward to attempt this but I think it’s a great zero-waste solution. We both have massive bowls of the chilli, Charlie has toast with his, and I top mine with more chopped red onion. We still have a portion leftover in the fridge.

After picking up a butternut squash, I had all of the ingredients I needed to make a pumpkin pie. So after lunch, I sliced the squash in half, scooped out the seeds, and roasted it in the oven.

I also lightly coated the cleaned seeds with a mix of salt, oil, tamari, and paprika and roasted them separately for about 4 minutes. I like roasting the seeds because they’re a waste to throw away and are a really easy yummy snack! My mom used to roast them for me when I was a kid carving jack o’lanterns at Halloween so they are very nostalgic for me.

After the pumpkin roasts til tender, I scoop it out of the peel and into my food processor (best Xmas present), then add in a mix of ground cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. I also add in some cornstarch to thicken it, a dash of almond milk, and some brown sugar and maple syrup to sweeten. Once I’m happy with the taste, I added it into the pie crust I rolled out and into a pie pan. This crust I actually already had frozen in the freezer (I know, another cheat), one of those things I forgot I had bought for Christmas but never used.

The pie cools/sets for 4 hours (if Charlie can wait that long) and I will whip up some soya cream, which comes in a small carton and was bought for £1.25, to top it off.

It doesn’t look perfect (I’m notorious for making failed desserts), and I definitely needed a larger butternut squash to make more filling, but it smells yummy and warming so this may actually be a success (minus the two visible pumpkin seeds that snuck in the puree).


Dinner: Tonight we are having a tofu stir-fry using the tofu and broccoli I already had in the fridge. I am going to throw in all the other veg I have with tamari, fresh ginger, lots of garlic, and steam some rice to go alongside. It’s a pretty basic meal, and generally, I would’ve bought some greens to go in it, but I couldn’t find any that weren’t in plastic.

We made enough for two massive portions and a lunch portion for tomorrow. Served with rice.


Dessert: Pie was a success! Had a lot of trouble trying to whip soya cream in a food processor… ended up with foam instead but still yummy. (You can also see I needed a bigger pumpkin based on how short the filling is compared to the crust)


Today’s total spend: £4,87


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